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PROLEARN was the first so-called 'Network of Excellence' financed by the IST (Information Society Technology - Contract number 507310) programme of the European commission from the years 2004 till 2008 dealing with technology enhanced professional learning. The mission was to bring together the most important research groups in the area of professional learning and training, as well as other key organisations and industrial partners, thus bridging the currently existing gap between research and education at universities and similar organisations and training and continuous education that is provided for and within companies.

This mission has been successfully fulfilled. Many projects have their roots in the PROLEARN community like the project ROLE, IP PROLIX, IP TENCompetence, IP APOSDLE or STELLAR just to name a few.

Most importantly the established community has lasted further with the association EA-TEL. The EA-TEL community is the key driver for two major events, the EC-TEL conferences as well as the summer schools.
While the summer schools are held on yearly basis to train and support PhD students of Technology Enhanced Learning, the EC-TEL conferences are targeted towards researchers and TEL stakeholders in general. Both events significantly support the shaping of the TEL community to enriching research in this field.


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